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iTunes doesn’t like me

December 17, 2008

I have this weird notion of computers that I want them to perform the tasks I have in mind. I’m reasonable,  I know what they can and can’t do. I mean, I don’t want them to drink coffee.  It’s not good for them, so I can handle that. But when they can do it, they should or I get pissed off. That’s the main reason I don’t use xp, xp doesn’t like me either.

But yesterday I had to do the unavoidable. I had to boot the one computer that’s normally never used, the one running xp. Because I wanted to buy something on iTunes and I just couldn’t get it to run under wine. Probably because I messed to much with it. Since it ought to work with certain versions of iTunes if you patch wine. Anyhow I installed it and turned of the virusscanner, since iTunes needs all the resources it can get to run on windows. And virusscanners are for noobs. I used to run a virusscanner once a year when I still had windows installed and I never had a virus. Just once I’ve had a virus on it, when I did something really really stupid, but that’s a different story. And I never needed a virusscanner to clean it. I did it myself.

The installation went like a charm. I logged into iTunes and the credits I got for my birthday from a good friend of mine, were still there. I had tried iTunes in februar when I got the credits, but I just couldn’t decide what to buy. But now I knew. I wanted blueprint from Suphala, since I haven’t found a place to download it from the internet. I bought the album, downloaded it and that’s when the fun began.

I wanted to be able to listen to the album on my laptop, with xubuntu installed. It has windows networking. So I opened the network and copied the album to my laptop. But alas it has no support for m4p. No problem, I thought, let’s find a program to convert it. I used my friend google and it told me that apple had banned these programs from existence on the public internet. Everybody who mentioned where to find them, was threatened with a lawsuit. I know this is a bit oversimplified, but after hours and hours of trying to be able to listen to the album I bought, I just feel a bit simple. And I don’t think it’s that far from the truth.

I also know that if I would have read a bit more before I installed iTunes and I would have downloaded an older version, there would have been working solutions. But I didn’t because that’s not how I work on my own computer. I just start, try something, get frustrated, do some stupid radical actions, break the system, then I stop, calm myself down, think and I fix the problem. And in the end every computer almost always does what I want. I just prefer it to do it immediately. He is my humble servant and should obey my commands.

But I still had the windows computer, with the music on it. Then google showed me a windows solution, a virtual burner. That’s fine, the windows pc has the files on it anyway. Download, install and burn the iTunes-songs to the virtual burner, which in it’s turn would convert the audio to mp3. O joy, it seemed to work like a charm. I copied the files and they played, O happy me. That was, until I saw, that all the songs where 3 minutes long, hmmm that couldn’t be right, could it now. Ah, it’s a trial version. It just doesn’t show it anywhere when installing, neither was it posted in the how-to on the internet, which was probably posted by the people of tuneclone themselves. Maybe I should have checked that before, me stupid.

Ok different solution, just burn it to a cd. We happen to have a whole pile of them, just standing there. Wait 15 minutes, for iTunes to burn the CD. And then I can just pop the CD in my linux PC and rip the CD. That should work. I put the CD in the stereo, and yes, it played. Perfect. Let’s just listen. Electronics with tabla-drums, lovely combination. The only thing missing is Suphala herself,  I mean she’s jummy. But suddenly I woke from my dream. Hey, that’s a strange sound. That shouldn’t be in it, and again … and again. Just great, the burner is broken.

Let’s try tuneclone again and find me a serial. Bit hard to find, but found one, just one. But one’s enough. It should be for the version I have installed, but it doesn’t work. But I just happened to have downloaded an older version, which should be a full version, according to the description. But it’s a trial too. Let’s try the serial there and yes, yes yes! After hours and hours of trying this and that and this again in a bit different way, it works. Right now I am finally listening to the music I bought and I love it.

I could say that iTunes sucks, which is actually what I still think, but that’s personal. But that’s not really fair. iTunes is great if you have a mac, it integrates seamlessly in the OS and no huge extra systemload there. Or if you’ve got a standalone PC which you want to use for the sole purpose of playing music, while not using it for anything else at the same time. You can also burn a CD or buy an iPod. iTunes presents plenty of solutions for you to listen to your music and it offers it for a pretty fair price. It just hasn’t got the solutions I want. Or maybe it does, it can also burn a mp3-cd’s. I could probably listen to those, I haven’t tried it though, not much use with a broken burner. And while downloading I agreed with their terms, which I haven’t read and probably have broken now, by doing what I did. But I don’t care I can listen to it, and that’s the most important part. Me happy 🙂