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3th person point and click adventures

January 21, 2009

I totally love the classic 3th person point & click adventures, since the days of Larry 1 and Monkey Island. I’ve played all the games I could get in the genre, there have been just a few games which I didn’t finish till the end. They must be really really bad for me not to finish them. Of all those games I’ve played I’ve only found a few remarkable. So today will be about those gems, which I thought stood above the rest. Of course I loved the Monkey Island series. They were fun, particularly because of the weird humor and I actually liked and played all Lucas Arts adventures. They’re good, but not the best.

The best and most compelling adventure I ever played would be “The longest journey” Man, what a story, It’s revolving around you and you don’t know where it will lead to untill it ends. You start as an art school student with weird dreams and a really strange old man outside your student house, who knows about your dreams and you end up saving the world in a parallel universe. The main character is a sweet but very sceptical girl, which brings a bit of humor into the story and you comprehension of the world (the world of the adventure you’re in) slowly changes and she has a very hard time accepting that. Great puzzles, mostly logical and a few references of the classics they loved, like a rubber chicken with a pully from Monkey Island and you can buy a flute, which plays the melody of the bird in KQIV (if my memory serves me right). Great voice acting, and rather good facial expressions.

Speaking of Kings Quest, I found part IV and especially part VII the best. Part IV is one the first with different ways to solve the adventure, a short path and a long one. And part VII is like a Disney story, complete with title song and ending song. It’s also just as colorful and romantic as the old Disney stories. Just wonderfull. If you’re a KQ-fan I can also advise de fanware remake of KQII, by Tierra Studios. They’ve created VGA-graphics, added puzzles and changed the story to make it more logical and best of all you can download it for free :). KQ is one of the best series of Sierra, not that lame humor found in the Larry and Space Quest series.

Gabriel Knight though is an even better series, renewing their technique in every game. The first one is a classic point and click, the second one uses small movies to tell the story and the third one uses a 3D engine. The compelling thing about the games is the story though, each game takes a paranormal theme (first voodoo, next werewolfs and the third is about vampires) And you’re the hero who has to solve the mystery and get the bad guys, doing a lot of research in the game to learn about your subject. Doing the research is a part which really helps in feeling involved in the games.

Another great series is from Revolution, the broken sword series, with the 3th one being the best. The first two are in the classic 2D, semi 3D perspective. The 3th one is 3D and has semi-action sequences. The semi action, makes it not too hard for hardcore adventurers like me, but still gives you the feeling of being more involved in the game. And it has some quite good voice acting.

I’m getting tired of writing, so I’ll end this article with just one more great game. It’s an action adventure with 3D shooter sequences and streetfighter like fighting in the game. They’re not too hard though, since even I could finish them. It’s the one of the few games, I’ve finished without hardly consulting a walkthrough. Not that it was so easy, but it just was logical enough and gave you enough hints to continue. But let me tell you the name of the game: Omikron: The Nomad Soul. Another great extra in the game is the David Bowie music. In each level you can go to a show of a band, which plays one of the Bowie songs, written specially for the game. In the beginning of the game, there is an Omikronian policeman asking you, to leave your dimension and put your soul in his body, to help to save their world. There you start, not knowing who and where you are in a world you know nothing about and slowly start to find out what’s going on around you. As you progress in the game, you keep discovering, that things are different from what you thought and learned before.